There is almost no human action or decision that cannot be made to look more flawed and less sensible
in the misleading light of hindsight.
Clapham Junction railway incident report (Anthony Hidden, 1989)


‘Teams’ Lunch and Learn seminar on the 18th February 2021.

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When we started Reflekt in October 2017 we decided that we would produce a weekly newsletter with some of our thoughts on Major Accident Prevention and hold a seminar twice a year to present some key lessons from actual Major Accidents. Since that time, we have produced 169 Reflektions, four breakfast seminars and several lunch and learn seminars. We have also developed a ‘Fuelbox for Major Accident Prevention’. We believe this Fuelbox can be a useful tool togenerate discussion and reflections about the systems you have in place to prevent a Major Accident.

The COVID-19 restrictions knocked the 2020 breakfast seminars on the head and these restrictions will likely continue well into 2021. Since we still believe there are important lessons to be learned from Major Accidents, we have decided to hold a series of lunch and learn seminars on Teams in 2021. The first seminar will be on Thursday 18th February from 1100 hrs. to 1300 hrs.

The theme of the seminar will be ‘Resilience’. What is resilience, why is it important and what characterizes a resilient organisation? We will also discuss the distinction between resilience, reliability, and robustness, and why an understanding of these is important for the way your organisation functions. 

We will use examples of Major Accidents and potential Major Accidents to illustrate some of the characteristics of resilience and how they were important in the response to the incidents and their escalation. We will present some models that we believe are useful in understanding resilience We will also introduce some of the thinking behind the ‘Black Swan’ concept and what it is intended to convey.

We are not here to predict black swans we are here to prepare for them. Nassim Nicholas Taleb author of ‘The Black Swan’.

Visit our website to find out more about Reflekt, the weekly Reflektions and our FuelBox for Major Accident prevention.

Click here to join the Teams ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar


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