Reflekt Breakfast Seminar

– Line in the Sand – 11 April 2018

Sometimes someone says enough is enough and starts to do something to prevent undesirable events. A ‘line in the sand’ is drawn and from that moment, things get better.

We will use Major Accident case histories to show how failure to focus on the right things contributed to Major Accidents. We will also use case histories to show how the management drew a line in the sand and put in place measures that led to a significant improvement.

Management focus is often cited as a cause or contributory factor in an incident, accident and even a Major Accident. The Reflekt Breakfast seminar will help you understand what you could focus on, how you could communicate this focus, and how you can measure whether you are being successful. Together we can reflect and learn from the experience of others.

We look forward to a productive seminar.

Reflekt AS